Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be processed with the MPPU’s equipment?
- The MPPU is currently set up to process poultry between 5 to 40 pounds LIVE WEIGHT.

What CANNOT be processed with the MPPU’s equipment?
- The MPPU cannot handle small birds such as quail,  young, or bantam chickens.  It is also not equipped to handle waterfowl. 
- The MPPU cannot be used to process rabbits.

How many birds can the MPPU handle?
- That depends on poultry size and breed, and your available labor.  Standard broilers are processed quicker than an “old hen”.  The number of workers available and their processing experience will also affect efficiency.  A minimal staff of 4 experienced workers should be able to process between 15 and 30 standard broilers per hour or 5 and 10 turkeys per hour. 

Will I be able to use the MPPU for packaging?
- The MPPU does not provide equipment to package products at this time.

Can I keep the MPPU over-night for 2-day processing?
- Possibly.  Overnight rental of the MPPU will only be allowed for very large processing needs and only for farms that have proven to be responsible and reliable customers.

Can I pick-up and return the MPPU myself?
- TRiP does not allow other farms to move the MPPU.  Only authorized members of the TRiP team are allowed to take the unit on the road.

How much does it cost to rent the MPPU?
- $99.00 for Half-day (drop-off by 8 am and pick-up by 1 pm same day)
- $149.00 for Full-day (drop-off by 8 am and pick-up by 6 pm same day)
- Plus: $2.50/mile transport fee based on the distance of the customer’s farm from TRiP’s base farm location.
- Plus: A refundable $100 deposit.  All or part of this amount will be returned after MPPU has been inspected to make sure all equipment has been suitably cleaned and returned in good condition.

What does the rental fee include?
- A member of TRiP will deliver the MPPU to your farm, assist in unloading and setting it up and then leave while you use the unit.  The TRiP member will return to inspect and assist in loading up the MPPU for its return to base farm.
- The basic unit consists of the trailer, the main pieces of processing equipment (kill station, scalder, plucker, evisceration station, stainless steel tables), hook-up to your water supply and water hoses and nozzles needed to supply each piece of equipment, electrical hook-up to your power supply and gas hook-up to your LP gas cylinder.

What does the rental fee NOT include?
- TRiP does NOT provide labor for processing the birds, LP gas and cylinder, ice, cleaning supplies, coolers or cutlery.  There are also other miscellaneous items that you may want to supply that may come in handy to facilitate the process (i.e.: aprons, gloves, food-grade bins, totes and other containers).

Who will be allowed to rent the MPPU?
- TRiP urges all potential customers to take an Agricultural Extension office’s “Safe Poultry Processing” training class before attempting to process you own poultry on your own farm.  TRiP will also require all first-time renters to participate in a training class held by TRiP to learn how to safely set-up, use, break-down and clean the equipment provided on the MPPU.  Please contact TRiP for more information on these important training classes.


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