Kill Station
- Holds up to 8 small to large chicken cones; 4 turkey cones.

killing station with turkey cones

Automatic temperature control and rotating dunking grate.
- 40 lb. live-weight capacity
8 – 5 lb. broilers
6 – 6.5 lb. heritage broilers
2 – 20 lb. turkeys
1 – 40 lb. turkey

- Manual on-off switch.
- Potable water hose and nozzle and electrical hook-up provided.
- 40 lb. live weight capacity

trailer mounted scalder and plucker

Evisceration Station 
- Potable water hose and nozzle provided.
Stainless Steel table with offal opening and 2” lip.

Eviscerating a duck

Additional Table for Evisceration or Quality Control
- For additional evisceration space, organ prep or final inspection and prep before chilling.
- Potable water hose and nozzle provided

Site requirements

- Must have a suitable location for safe trailer delivery, set-up and removal.
- Must be located within 75 feet of appropriate electrical and potable water hook-up.
- Location should drain well, located away from ponds, streams, potable wells, or septic systems, reasonably level and firm surface, and preferably covered in grass or gravel.
- Avoid areas directly beneath tree canopies or overhead power lines.

evisceration station under shelter

- Labor
- Transport/holding cages  (Optional to rent; 4-standard commercial-style holding/transport crates available)
- Knives/cutlery
- Fuel: scalder requires 30 or 40 lb. propane cylinder (Optional to rent; Full 30 lb. propane tank)
- Access to 110v ground-fault outlet
- Access to standard hose-bib with potable water source
- Ice
- Coolers/chill tank, food grade bins, totes, and other containers (Optional to rent; 2-150 qt. coolers)
- Safety gear (gloves, aprons, etc.)

30 pound propane cylinder

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