Tar River Poultry Initiative, LLC

What in the world is aTar River Poultry Initiative? We are a group of four women farmers and homesteaders in Franklin County, North Carolina, that joined together as the Tar River Poultry Initiative, LLC in an effort to bring a mobile poultry processing unit to Franklin and surrounding counties. Tar River Poultry Initiative - say that 10 times fast! We call ourselves TRiP for short. The mobile poultry processing unit will target local small farm poultry producers.  It will consist of a bumper-pull trailer set up with key equipment needed to process 50 - 200 chickens/day. Mobile Poultry Processing Unit = MPPU How did TRiP get started?

In the fall of 2016, a local Women in Agriculture group noticed we were facing similar challenges in regards to poultry processing:
We didn't process enough poultry per year to justify the overhead cost of purchasing our own equipment. We were using homemade or second-hand makeshift equipment to slaughter and butcher poultry which was negatively affecti…