Equipment and Rental

Rental Rates

$99.00 for Half-day (drop-off by 8 am and pick-up by 1 pm same day)
$149.00 for Full-day (drop-off by 8 am and pick-up by 6 pm same day)
Plus a delivery fee of $2.50 per mile (one-way distance from base location).
A refundable $100 deposit. All or part of this amount will be returned after MPPU has been inspected to make sure all equipment has been suitably cleaned and returned in good condition.

Equipment Provided with Rental

Kill Station
- Holds up to 8 small to large chicken cones; 4 turkey cones.
- Potable water hose and nozzle provided.
- Requires at least 1 worker.

- Automatic temperature control and rotating dunking grate.
- 40 lb. live-weight capacity
8 – 5 lb. broilers
6 – 6.5 lb. heritage broilers
2 – 20 lb. turkeys
1 – 40 lb. turkey
- Requires 1 worker (could also operate plucker).

- Manual on-off switch & overhead shower nozzle.
- Potable water hose and nozzle and electrical hook-up provided to both units.
- 40 lb. live weight capacity
- Requires 1 worker (could also operate scalder).

Evisceration Station (2 Options)
- Potable water hose and nozzle provided.
Option A: Shackle rack with offal trough
- Holds up to 3 chickens or 2 turkeys
- Maximum of 2 workers
Option B: Stainless Steel table with offal opening and 2” lip
- Requires 1 up to 4 workers

Additional Table for Evisceration or Quality Control
-For additional evisceration space, organ prep or final inspection and prep before chilling.
- Potable water hose and nozzle provided
- For 1 to 4 workers

Equipment Provided User

- Must have a suitable location for safe trailer delivery, set-up and removal.
- Must be located within 75 feet of appropriate electrical and potable water hook-up.
- Location should drain well, located away from ponds, streams, potable wells, or septic systems, reasonably level and firm surface, and preferably covered in grass or gravel.
- Avoid areas directly beneath tree canopies or overhead power lines.

Kill Station
-Transport/holding cages for birds
- Killing device of choice (ie: Sharp knife or blade) and sharpener.
-Protective outerwear and gloves strongly recommended.

Scalder and Plucker
- 30 or 40 lb (full) propane cylinder (20 lb. cylinders are NOT recommended for use with scalder)
- Access to 110v ground-fault outlet
- Access to standard hose-bib with potable water source
-Protective outerwear and gloves strongly recommended
-Large food-grade totes or bins to hold plucked birds

-Protective outerwear and gloves strongly recommended
- Cutlery of choice (ie: Sharp food-grade knives or scissors) and a sharpener.
-Small food-grade totes or buckets to store edible by-products (ie: livers, feet, gizzards)
-Large food-grade totes or bins to hold and transport processed carcasses.
- Large bins or ice chests to chill and transport carcasses
- Ice (approx. 6 lb of ice for every 10 lbs of product – depending on ambient air temp at time of processing)


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