Rental Info

Rental Fees

$75 base rental fee - for up to 3 days use of mobile poultry processing unit (MPPU)

$2.50/mile transport fee - based on one-way distance from TRiP’s base farm location to your farm

$250 refundable deposit - must be paid in advance 

NOTE:  If there are any damages to the MPPU, missing pieces, or if the equipment was not sufficiently cleaned prior to pickup, additional charges will be deducted from the deposit.

Base rental includes:

-      kill station with up to 8 small kill cones (broilers) or 2 large kill cones (turkeys)

-      scalder

-      plucker

-      2 stainless steel evisceration tables

-      water hoses and nozzles to connect to your water supply

-      electrical cord for connection to your power supply


Base rental DOES NOT include:

-      LABOR for processing

-      FUEL for processing (scalder requires 30lb. LP gas cylinder)

-      ICE

-      Coolers or chill tanks

-      Cleaning supplies, cutlery, or other miscellaneous items needed to facilitate the processing (i.e.: transport cages, aprons, gloves, food-grade bins, totes, and other containers)


Additional Items Available for Rent:

-      $50   FULL 30 lb. LP gas cylinder

NOTE:  TRiP will not refund for fuel remaining in the cylinder after event is complete.

-      $5     (each) 150 qt. coolers (2 available)

-      $1     (each) standard commercial style holding/transport crate (4 available)



How to reserve the MPPU

-         Contact TRiP by email to see if date is available (

TRiP will email you a detailed invoice explaining the charges for the rental.

A $250 deposit must be made IN FULL (at least 7 business days) BEFORE the reserved date of the rental.

Payment may be made by check, cash, or PayPal (preferred method).

Once processing event is completed total charges for the rental will be deducted from the deposit with the balance returned via check or PayPal (your preference).

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